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Submitted by: admin on Sat,19Jan2013 - 17:03

Yesterday and today we had the first snowfall of Henry's short life. So like any good parents, whether he liked it or not, we forced him into a coat, dragged him out in the cold and plonked him down on the cold ground for the obligatory first snowfall photos. et voila...


Submitted by: admin on Sun,06Jan2013 - 22:26

It's incredible to believe but in three hours time our little big man becomes a big boy, or a cute little one at least. He stops being a baby and marches headlong into the realms of Toddler.

Tomorrow, Jan 7th is his first birthday.

I cannot believe how quickly this day has come round. He is such a cute little munchkin and and has given me and his mum and his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins so much pleasure and happiness.

I am so glad that digital cameras have been invented otherwise I would have spent a fortune over the last year heading up to the chemists to get my films of 24 or 36 developed. I honestly have never taken so many photos in my life.  The truth is, I have become a TDD (a Totally Doting Dad).

So all I can say is Happy Birthday Henry and thanks for all the little first moments of joy you have brought us all this year.


birthday boy

Submitted by: admin on Mon,31Dec2012 - 16:06

As Paul Young sang to us, "Its Christmas time, and there's no need to be afraid..." Unless of course you are a little boy celebrating your first Christmas and are at the mercy of your costume wielding parents.


Sorry Henry.

Submitted by: admin on Mon,10Dec2012 - 23:38


What an amazing time. Over the space of a weekend our little boy has learnt that he can point at things and ask "zat?" translated as What is that?  After a couple of trys he then repeats the name of the things he is pointing at. So far he has"Ssshhheh" -SHOE, "te -te" - TOE, "bpphhh" - BOOK, "Brrm brrm" -CAR and "leh" -LIGHT.

"Leh" was his first and favourite and he couldn't pass a ceiling lightshade without a conversation "zat?" (accompanied by a finger point), followed by "leh".

However, "Bpphh" is fast catching up.  The first thing he said this morning when he awoke was "Bpphh" as he pointed at his Hungry Caterpiller noisy book.

It's amazing and all of a sudden I realise that he is going to be picking up every thing we say to him, its exciting and one hell of a responsibility.  Love it.



Submitted by: admin on Sat,01Dec2012 - 0:29

Although he had no idea what was going on he actually met Santa and his deers for the first time yesterday (although at 10 and half months he doesn't really get Christmas yet - in fact he doesnt really get anything yet) . Today though we found Santa's sleigh, all empty and unguarded, whilst Santa worked in his shop window.  It was an opportunity too good to waste.

Submitted by: admin on Sat,01Dec2012 - 0:18

After starting Nursery Henry seemed to pick up every bug going. We all had noira virus that ledd to us having to call the NHS emergency line as all three of us were throwing up and pooing. My sister karen then caught it from us the next day and passed it onto my other sister.

Henry's tummy took weeks to get better, and what with his teething and nasty cold he was in a bad way from end Oct to mid Nov

Submitted by: admin on Sat,01Dec2012 - 0:09

Early in the morning and for the first time in his life Henry gets woken, quickly dressed and is then on his way to Nursery

Posing with his school bagHenry dressed for school

Submitted by: admin on Sat,01Dec2012 - 0:04

Henry took a little time on the beach at Lyme Regis to contemplate his holiday.

At Lyme Regis beach Sept

Submitted by: admin on Fri,30Nov2012 - 23:58

Whilst in Padstow Henry insisted that we all go to a good quality restaurant.


Mummy queuingHenry enjoying a chp

Submitted by: admin on Fri,30Nov2012 - 23:51

Location: Camel Trail, Padstow

He just sat back and let daddy pull him.