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First, and most importantly is this:

In September 2011 it was publicised that UNICEF score Britain near the bottom of the developed world for children's happiness.

They put it down to the fact that British parents want to treat their children right but dont know how.  In general the British try to keep their kids happy by buying them material things.  The only thing is, in order to fund the purchases they just work harder and spend more time at work, thus spending less time with their kids. And what is it that makes the kids unhappiest? - the lack of a father figure and the lack of attention from their parents.

This is in stark contrast to kids from Spain and Sweden who are scored high for happiness. The reason; because there is an emphasis in those countries on Family.

Conclusion.  You cant buy your child happiness. Dont spend extra hours at work to fund presents, instead spend more time at home playing with your children. Now that sounds great for all concerned!


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