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Inserting images into your entry

To embed images - click on the embed image icon.  You will be taken to the page browser and will be given the option of loading an image from a website by entering the URl of the image. If you want to load an image from your PC click on the Browse button. You will then be taken to your own unique browser page showing all the photos you have uploaded to the site. To add another click on the UPLOAD button and choose an image from your pc. Once it has uploaded the new image will appear on your unique browser page. 

To add an image to your journal entry double click the image icon and you will be taken back to the add image task box. Add titles and custom sizes. To align the image see the Positioning Images and Media Content section.


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Inserting Media into your entry

To Embed media you can click on the embed media icon and a task box will appear. Add the URL of the media to the box and press ok (this should be the actual URL from the page of the media).  The media may not show up in the preview but will appear embeded in your post when it is saved.  When you click on the embeded image you will be taken to the URL page of the embeded media.  In here you can post things like Youtube clips  or Photobucket links.


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Embedding Youtube clips

To embed YouTube clips. Either:

1. Follow the same procedure for the general Embed media.

2. Under the bode of your post you will see an additional field to Embed YouTube clips. Click on this and you will see an empty text box. In this textbox you must post the embed code of the Youtube clip you wish to include in your post (not to be confused with the URL). This will either begin with iframe or object.  Unlike the general embeded media this will actually embed the full video into your post rather than just an image containing the link. This means that viewers will be able to watch the clip without leaving your page.

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Positioning Images and Media

Please note that if you wish to center the image you will have to add into the Hspace box the size of the margin on each side. EG the max size of the page is 600px. If your image is 400px wide and you want it to be centered then add 100 to the HSpace box to add a marging of 100px to each side.


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