My First's first...

...trip away from home

What a day of firsts for Henry.

Today he and mummy are leaving Daddy at home and heading off to see Granny and grandad Motion in Edinburgh.

Therefore, lucky little Henry gets to do lots of firsts today:

1. His first proper trip on a train (not exactly his first, but his first where he was actually a coherent and observant baby that was taking it all in).

2. His first ride up an Escaltor in his buggy

3. His first trip on an Aeroplane and look how excited he looks...

4. All of this resulted in his first trip to Edinburgh as well as his first time at granny and grndad Motions. What a day for the little fella.  He should sleep well tonight after all that.

In addition to all that poor old daddy gets to spend his first few days with out his little boy and he is very glum. sad

...attempt at feeding himself

So with the ever expanding Henry starting to get more active during his feeds we decided last week to get him some handles for his bottles. Now, with a little more practice he will be able to do the following every day (and see how happy he looks):


Henry was a bit scared at first but today he had his first swim at the Dolphin leisure centre and even went under water a few times.


By the end of the day he loved it.


Apologies for the blurred covert photo.

...attempt to escape from his cot

14 weeks old and he thinks he is upwardly mobile.  Not long until we'll have to chain him down (joking...)


henry tries to escapehenry looking innocent

...Pair of shoes

No words really required except to point out that in spite of perspective, henry has got massive feet.


Attempts to Crawl

Henry is 13 weeks old today and over the last week his tummy time has been going so well that we've been trying to encourage hime to move under his own steam.

Indeed, on his back Henry has discovered that he can push against daddy (or mummy) and whisk himself around his playmats.  He seems content with the fact that he will be able to whisk himself around the world doing breast stroke.

However, in addition, there are the first signs of the front crawl. To the extent that whilst trying to take his weekly photo he tried to zoom across the carpet to me. it ended with the inevitiable face plant but the signs are there. We will come back to you when he does actually crawl.


11 weeks of firsts.


So far in Little Henry's life he has had many firsts.

He has had his first breath, his first feed, his first poo, all that before he left hospital.

Since then he has had his first bath (which he hated), his first car trip, his first push in his pram, his first shopping trip with mum, his first sick in daddies face.

The firsts started getting more fun at around about week 6 when we started having Henry's first social smiles, this was soon followed in week seven by his first supported stand-ups.

Now the little pickle seems to think he can walk but shoed his first signs of frustration when he couldn't stay upright for more than a second without mummy's or daddy's support. Our biggest worry now is that he will get his first nose bleed soon when he takes his first fall without mummy or daddy around (as he still doesn't realise that he has to put his hands out to break his fall).

Anyway, here we are in week 12 (he is 12 weeks old tomorrow) and this week his first is:

First time he has grabbed toys and actively played with them (if trying to stuff them in his mouth counts as play).