What an amazing time. Over the space of a weekend our little boy has learnt that he can point at things and ask "zat?" translated as What is that?  After a couple of trys he then repeats the name of the things he is pointing at. So far he has"Ssshhheh" -SHOE, "te -te" - TOE, "bpphhh" - BOOK, "Brrm brrm" -CAR and "leh" -LIGHT.

"Leh" was his first and favourite and he couldn't pass a ceiling lightshade without a conversation "zat?" (accompanied by a finger point), followed by "leh".

However, "Bpphh" is fast catching up.  The first thing he said this morning when he awoke was "Bpphh" as he pointed at his Hungry Caterpiller noisy book.

It's amazing and all of a sudden I realise that he is going to be picking up every thing we say to him, its exciting and one hell of a responsibility.  Love it.



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