...Fathers day with his dad

Gail asked me on Saturday whether I wanted to get up early or have a lie in on Father's Day.

"Don't know," I said, "I haven't really thought about it but I probably will try and get round to see dad if he doesn't come around here."

"I dont mean your that, silly.  I meant its your Fathers Day, what you gonna do Dad?"

Those words were like having a cartoon anvil dropped on my head. I had grown used to having a beautiful little boy but never had I ever been described as, or even stopped to think, that I am actually a Father.  It was a fantastic feeling made all the more special when little Henry handed me a card and I was given a package containing a mug that he had made (with a little help from mummy) that said Henry's Daddy's mug.  It was the best Father's Day ever.

Henry and Daddy on Fathers Day



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