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Web Logs or "Blogs" are your way of keeping a log on the web and sharing it with friends, family and like minded people. Post your thoughts to the world.

Here at Daddiz.com you can create your own blog on parenting and share it with other users or indeed you can post the link to other social media and share it with whoever you like.

So how to you blog on Daddiz.com? Here's our guide...

Create Blogs

To start a blog in Daddiz.com, click on the add new blog button in either the Blogs home page or the All Blogs page (you will have to be a registered user and signed in to enter a blog).

You will be taken to the Create Blog page. Give your blog a title and a basic description of its contents and then save the blog.

Your blog has now been created and all that you need to do now is add some entries.

Create Blog Entries

Once you have saved your blog you will see a Add New Blog Entry button (see below). This is also visible on the Blogs Home page and the My Blogs Page.

If you click on this button you will be taken to the Create Blogs Entry Page.

Here you will have to enter a title, you blog entry and specify which of your blogs it should be part of and whether this is to be a public post or not (see below). All blog posts default to Public so if you would like to make it visible to only a select few you will need to uncheck the Public checkbox.

Viewing Your Blog or Blog Entry

Once created your Blog and Blog Entry will be available to view in different places:

  1. If you go into the My Blogs tab on the main menu you will be taken to a page listing all the blogs you have created. By clicking on the blog title you will then be able to view the blog entries you have created within that Blog.

  2. Go to the Recent Blog Entries tab on the main menu straight after creating you blog entry. Your Entry should be visible near the top (all entries are listed in chronological order by the time of input and the latest appears at the top).
  3. Go to the All Blogs tab on the menu. You may have to do a bit of searching but you should be able to find your blogs.
  4. Alternatively, you can type the name of the blog you are seeking into the search box (once on the search page you can narrow your search using the Advanced Search option).

Privacy and permissions

Your blog will be PUBLIC by default. When you add Blog Entries you will need to select which of your Blogs it should be part of. If you wish to make your Blog Entries Private and invite a selected audience you must untick the PUBLIC tick box on the Blog Entry page.

If you decide to make your blog private you can invite your own selected audience to view it. In order for anyone to view your Private Blog they will first need to be registered to Daddiz.com. You can tell them about Daddiz.com by using the Invite tab in the main menu...

... or by using the add to this icons at the bottom of content.

Once you have invited your selected audience to join Daddiz.com and they have accepted and joined up you can then share your private Blog with them.

To share it with an audience go to the MY BLOGS page in the BLOGS Section. Here you will see a list of your Blogs, whether they are private or public and how many Daddiz.com members are currently invited to view this Blog – (if you like we can call it how many users are members of your group). The figure includes you so there will always be at least one member.

If you click on the number of users in the group (see image above) you will be taken to another screen showing the members of your Blog Group. One of the tabs on this screen is headed SHARE BLOGS/JOURNALS.

Under this tab you can invite existing Daddiz.com members to join your group and view your private blog. Everyone you send it to will receive a link to join your private Blog. If they aren’t already members of Daddiz.com then they will need to join up in order to view your blog but registration is very easy as you already know.

You can also add members of Daddiz.com to your Private Blog group automatically.

Watch/Follow other blogs or posts

Various content in Daddiz.com can be followed/watched.

At the bottom of certain content, including Blogs, you will see an icon and text specifying whether or not you are watching the post.

  1. Simply click on the text to follow/watch the post
  2. The text will change to show your current follow/watch status.
  3. To view your watched posts either go to either MY PAGES – I’M WATCHING/FOLLOWING or to MY PAGES – MY DETAILS – I’M WATCHING/FOLLOWING. Alternatively you can click on the text Go to your list of watched posts beneath the You are watching this post icon at the bottom of watched content. Here you will see new posts and can alter various settings.