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a sleeping baby

Lullabies and rhymes

New baby on the way? You'd better start learning now all the songs and rhymes you're going to need once it arrives to help the little one get off to sleep. In our Lullabies and Rhymes pages you will find the lyrics to some of the most popular for you to get practicing on.

How big's your unborn baby?

a pea and a matchbox

This week it's as big as a...

Fed up with reading how big your unborn baby is? Try our week by week relative size guide for a different way of viewing the size of your expected baby.

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Expecting a baby or already have children? Is there something you need to ask other parents or expectant parents? Or maybe you have a tip you want to share with everyone else. Well head straight to our Discussion Pages to get discussing with the rest of the Daddiz.com community.

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